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After 40 years of helping patients lose weight, Dr. Lipman understands that everyone's metabolism is different. A successful weight loss program depends on a number of factors, including age and medical situation. Use the easy product selector below to discover which of Dr. Lipman's HCG products is the right fit for your individual weight loss needs. Simply select your answers and press the "Find It" button!

Medical factors can include diabetes, thyroid issues, menopause, recent weight loss on any diet, recent HCG intake, taking antidepressants , etc.

Has your doctor instructed you to not take any type of hormone?

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 New Algorithm Helps Dieter Chose Best HCG Drops:

    Based on a patient’s age, gender, metabolism, medical problems, and prior HCG use, new algorithm reveals best HCG preparation for maximal weight loss and least side effects.  

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800 Calorie HCG Drops: Potent vs. Superior

HCG Diet Drops from BestbuyHCG are available in several different strengths and preparations depending on your individual metabolism, history of hCG use in the past, gender and medical condition. All are prepared in Dr Lipman’s office in Miami, Fl. Use the product that best fits your situation.

HCG Diet Drops: Which is the best for you


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HCG Diet Drops Great Product

After trying many HCG drops I came across Best Buy's superior HCG diet drops with amino.I used the patient algorithm to find the HCG product best for a 59-year-old woman who is in menopause! I know I have a slow metabolism.

Thanks for the kind words

by Cathy Brusky on Superior HCG Diet Drops
HCG Drops Great Product

Superior HCG Diet Drops from helped me lose weight quickly andsafely. The HCG Drop algorhythm helped me find the best product for my age and gender. Thanks Best Buy HCG

We are always here to help you in your weight loss. Pleased you liked our new algorithm. It certainly helps dieters match their personal characteristics with the best product.
Best Buy HCG