Hard to Find Food Products for 800 Calorie HCG Diet At Amazon Prime & Amazon Fresh

800 calorie HCG Food and drinks are often hard to find in many supermarkets. If you do find them, they are expensive and not always compatible with the 800 Calorie HCG diet. The products  have to be low in calories but also in fat, carbs and sugar. Ideally, most food—especially snacks—should be in portion controlled containers. Dr. Lipman has searched Amazon.com to find the best HCG-friendly drinks and food and has assembled them in his Amazon.com Store. Here is a partial list of some of the harder to find 800 calorie HCG products on my Amazon.com store:

buy hcg products onamazon


You can click through to Amazon using the links below to purchase these hard to find HCG products.  You will find a wide selection of HCG food below at the lowest prices. Most are on Amazon prime with free overnight delivery. It makes the HCG food selection and the whole weight loss process much easier.

Note: Careful when shopping on Amazon. Always seek prime listings to avoid shipping charges. Some times lower prices are not found on prime. When buying food/beverage products careful with the size of product as well as the number of individual products in the shipping case. I have strived to find the lowest net prices for you:


Muscle Milk Protein Shakes: Best of the “dairy free” shakes.

Quest Protein Chips: They look like potato chips but are made of protein, carbs are less than 5 g

Quest Nutrition Protein Shakes: These shakes are in powder form, 1 shake per pouch, ideal for traveling

Flat Out Wraps: low carb, high protein wraps

Fat Free Dressings: individual portion controlled assorted salad dressings from Kens, Kraft, Wishbone all low calorie, fat free and low sugar.

Kens Italian dressing: one of the best tasting no fat, low sugar dressing, 15 cal/serving

Walden Farms Dressings: all no sugar, no fat, no calories–bottles and individual
servings,great for traveling

La Tortilla Low Carb Wraps: low calorie, low fat, low carb wraps, replaces bread in HCG diet, great for lunch and snacks


More Low Calorie/Low Carb Foods for HCG Diet On Amazon

Amazon offers low carb, HCG friendly foods and drinks not only on Amazon Prime, but on Amazon Fresh with same day delivery in many markets. Read more about Amazon Fresh and the hCG Diet.