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Office manager Suzanne gained 45 lbs with her recent pregnancy. After her delivery she tried one diet after another without success. She learned about the BestBuy HCG diet from a friend and in 4 months lost 45 lbs without hunger, exercise or cravings:


Best Buy HCG products are used by men as well as women. Men experience weight loss even faster than women. HCG acts only on extra fat deposits, especially around the belly. As in women there are no other effects in men on sex drive,  breasts and other sexual organs.It is solely a weight loss hormone.

Steve describes his 35 lb weight loss and loss of 6 inches from his belly


Cal Southern Reviews Many of the New Foods on the New 800 Calorie HCG Diet

Cal Southern reviews Best buy HCG diet plan and diet drops. She compares weight loss with Dr Simmeons 500 calorie diet and Dr Lipman’s 800 calorie diet. She reviews of all of the new products Dr Lipman has gathered for his diet, including the ultra low carb, sugar free snacks and drinks.
She relates her weight and her sister weigh loss.
She tells the viewer how having BestBuy products help reduce cravings and food mistakes.


New Food Plan on 800 Calorie HCG Diet is Reviewed by Ms Joyful

She describes how easy it was for her to lose weight quickly and the variety of the new food choices in the 800 calorie HCG diet.


Ms. Groom Compares Her Experiences on Different HCG Weight Loss Plans

Ms.Groom reviews BestBuyHCG’s HCG program and compares her experience to the original Dr Simeons 500 calorie plan.

, Texas

My diabetes has been driving me crazy, the more medications I take the more I gain weight. Last year I was placed on insulin and i gained 20 lbs. My doctor told me to lose weight but he could not tell me how to do it other than “eat less and exercise more.” Well i tried that, the insulin made me so hungry. Finally my girlfriend suggested I try HCG. It worked so well, i am on my second month and my doctor could not believe what happened. I have lost not only the weight I put on with the insulin but 20 more lbs. I am on a roll! Hey Dr L., I will let you know what happens. I will be your best sales lady, keep it up and send me some more of your great products. So great, so good.

, California

Thank You, Dr. Lipman and Best Buy HCG. All my life I have been told I am weak willed and lazy that because I get up in the middle of the night from sleep and eat. I don’t want to get up and the last thing I want to do is to go into the kitchen and eat, but I simply cannot go back to sleep without eating. My mother did it when she was alive and my sister does it. My doctor even gave me a book on it, its called, Night Eating Syndrome. Well the book was good and told me I was not crazy, but did not tell me how to to stop it. When the HCG diet came out, I decided to try it, not for the night eating, but for the weight gain I have experienced. Well, guess what, all of the night eating disappeared in a few nights. Now I sleep thru the nights, I have no cravings and the cookies are not calling my name in the middle of night. I don’t know what I am going to do after I am finished with the HCG diet. Maybe I will call Dr. Lipman and ask him what others have done.

, Washington, DC

I was a big snacker during the evening. I would come home, have dinner at 6 PM and then eat until midnight. I could consume as many calories from 6 to midnight as during the day. My cravings were driving me crazy. I needed a diet that would not only stop my hunger, but would stop my cravings. After a week on the 800 calorie HCG Diet, I knew I had found the answer. All the cravings and hunger disappeared. In addition they offered all kinds of snacks and a plan to control the cravings with snacks in the evening forever.