Great Snacks on 800 Calorie HCG Diet: Low Calories, Low Carb and Fat

Snacks offer variety, prevent feelings of deprivation and can prevent hunger when containing protein. In the 800 calorie HCG diet the following guidelines need to be used for snacks:

About 80 calories or less (a few good products are 100 calorie protein shakes or bars)

  1. Must have 2-3 grams of sugar or less
  2. Should have 3 grams of total fat or less
  3. Should have as much protein as possible
  4. For a carb product: net carbs should be less than 10 grams
    Net carbs = total carbs – fiber – sugar alcohols – splenda (count as 2)

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snacks for hcg diet

Most of the snacks above have no sugar and few carbs. A few have 3 grams of sugar and less than 6 net carbs. When picking the
higher calorie snacks  limit to one a day. Three fruits are also available as snacks:

fruits for hcg diet

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