dropsSuperior HCG with Amino Acids and Irvingia Gabonensis 60 Day KitHCG Drops Diet from  Dr Lipman’s  are Fast and Safe

HCG: The purest, most potent HCG, purchased in the USA and prepared in Dr Lipman’s laboratory in Miami, Fl 
 hcg drops diet from Dr. Richard L Lipman M.D. Bestbuyhcg.com endocrinoloist
• Supervision: Designed and supervised by a board certified, MD physician who is both an internist and endocrinologist. Dr Lipman has treated thousands of his patients with the same HCG you will buy.
• Food  Plan:  Dr Lipman like Dr Simeons is an endocrinologist. He started with Dr Simeons food plan and added 21st century zero sugar and zero calorie products. By monitoring ketones  in the urine and weight loss every day, he was able to find which  foods could be added without effecting the weight loss or hunger.  
         The result is a lot more food, adding diversity & preventing  boredom and feelings of deprivation. See the plan yourself  and compare with other food plans! 
• Food Choices:  Lots of variety, over 35 snacks to chose from 
• Breakfast: 5 food choices plus fruits
• Weight Loss: Actual weight loss of Dr Lipman’s patient who followed  this plan. 
hcg drops diet--average weight lossnd Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

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