Are HCG Diet Pellets Effective in the 800 Calorie HCG Diet

The HCG diet pellets or pills  are helpful in keeping hunger pangs subsided and aiding in quick weight loss. Here is a quick review of the HCG diet pellets, their usage, dosage and their full strength and how they differ from the injections and the shots.

hcg diet pellets

HCG hormone has been used in the HCG diet since Dr Simeons invented the diet in 1954. Dr Simeons used HCG hormone in the form of injections once or twice a day. It was known at that time that the HCG hormone, like insulin and testosterone, could not be taken orally because of the breakdown of the hormone’s protein base in the stomach. This limited the use and widespread acceptance of the 500 calorie HCG diet.

In the 1970’s, physicians learned than many medications could be given sublingual and  buccal  with the same absorption and effectiveness as the original inject able product. Sublingual and buccal medication administration are two different ways of giving medication by mouth. Sublingual administration involves placing a drug under your tongue to dissolve and absorb into your blood through the tissue there. Buccal administration involves placing a drug between your gums and cheek, where it also dissolves and is absorbed into your blood. HCG can be taken both sublingual in the form of drops and  and buccally in the form of pellets.

Potent HCG Pellets

Advantage of Sublingual or buccal forms of HCG:

1. Injections of HCG can be avoided making it easier for some people to do the HCG diet.

2. The HCG does  do not go through the digestive system, and is not metabolized by the liver. This means one can take a lower dose and still get the same results and at the same time avoid the instability of the drug in the
stomach.hcg pellets for sublinqual use

Disadvantages of Oral Administration of HCG

1.Open sores and smoking may affect the absorption of the drug.
2. You need to wait 15 -30 minutes  before you can eat or drink.
3.Most HCG protocols, including the BestBuyHCG protocol requires you to take the medication twice a day because of possible  lack of absorption of part of the dose.

Losing  weight is a difficult without the help of medications that reduce hunger and increase metabolism like HCG pellets and drops. The pellets are taken before food. These pellets work in reducing hunger  so that the body can metabolize the stored fat and burn all the fat into useful energy. Many users  of HCG pellest f have experienced e weight loss and are satisfied with the results. Also they have reported no side effects or allergy from use of  HCG pellets.

How to take the HCG Pellets:

The pellets should be kept in a refrigerator when received to prolong the effectiveness. Two pellets are taken before each meal.These should be placed under your tongue. The coating takes about 5 minutes to dissolve. Let the medicine  dissolve and get absorbed into the blood stream. It is not  advisable to swallow these pellets because of intactivation of the hCG proteins by stomach acid.




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