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Weight Loss Headaches

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Drinking Non Calorie Liquids Before Meals Helps Prevents Weight Loss Plateaus on the HCG Diet HCG diet weight loss plateaus can be prevented by drinking water and zero calorie, zero sugar diet sodas or any other beverage with no sugar and no calories. One of  my favorite recommendations to avoid... more »
Depressed Overweight Lady

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Insomnia is common cause of weight gain Do you know why you need a good night's sleep to really lose weight? An unbalanced sleep pattern can have a very detrimental effect on your weight. Whether it’s too little or too much sleep you will suffer for it, unless you make some changes. Trying To... more »
Breakfast on the HCG Diet

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 New HCG Diet Foods for 800 Calorie HCG Diet in 2018 HCG Diet Reviews: "Go to the gym or eat breakfast?" may be the choice facing some well-intentioned dieters every morning. If you had only time for one of these, which would be more important?. The answer is clear, breakfast trumps exercise any... more »